Getting there

Jugenddorf Falckenstein
Youth Village Falckenstein

You will be staying at Jugenddorf Falckenstein, a part of Kiel in the northern outskirts of the city.

Falkenhorst 6
24159 Kiel

Local public transport:
The closest bus stop is “Brauner Berg” and the bus lines 91, 502, 921, 922 as well as the night bus line 701 will take you there. The Jugenddorf Falckenstein is a 15-20 minute walk away (18 minutes according to Deutsche Bahn – the German Train Company) in the direction of Falckensteiner Strand Falckenstein Beach.
Further more the bus lines 30S and 501 will take you to the bus stop “Kreuzung Pries” just a few meters away from the other bus stop (a 21 minute walk to the accomodation according to Deutsche Bahn).

You can find and download the line network of the local public transport of Kiel (which consists entirely of busses) here:
Exact directions from the bus stop to the Jugenddorf Falckenstein will be uploaded soon.

Conference Rooms

The studential presentations will take place in different buildings within Leibnizstraße (abbreviation: LS) – don’t worry, it’s a rather small street and you will find you way around pretty quickly. Furthermore, some of the events (presentations, keynotes etc.) will take place at Olshausenstraße 75 and Am Botanischen Garten 7. Both buildings are in walking distance from Leibnizstraße. Our conference office will be at Leibnizstraße 10, room 434.

room 434 (4th floor)
Leibnizstraße 10
24118 Kiel

Local public transport:
The best way to get to Leibnizstraße is taking a bus that takes you to one of the bus stops “Leibnizstraße (lines 61, 62, 81 and 6) ” or “Universitätsbibliothek” (lines 50, 60S and 81).
Inside tip: If you want to know when you can catch the next bus to “Leibnizstraße” or “Universitätsbibliothek”, look for the busses that go to “Unisportstätten” as all the busses stop their first. All you have to do is add a minute to the arrival time 😉