Call for Papers

We are inviting students of linguistics and related disciplines from BA to PhD level to present their work at the 63rd StuTS, which takes place from May 24 to 26, 2018 in Kiel! Feel free to give a presentation about class projects, your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, or a project you are working on.
We are also inviting language or technology related workshops from students who want to share their insights. The topics should somehow fit into the general topic of linguistics and language research and we would appreciate a wide variety of topics.
You can register your presentation until May 10th, 2018 here:

There will also be a poster session, similar to the one on the last StuTS in Nijmegen.
It is going to take one hour and your presentation can be in German, English, or any other language, as long as you have a sufficient knowledge of that language to present at a scientific conference. Please keep in mind that even linguists don’t speak every single language that has ever existed.

Please hand in a short abstract aswell (max. 250 words including references). The abstract should be in the language of your talk*. If you are not presenting in English or German please provide a translation of your abstract to one of those languages for us to evaluate your proposal. The translation will not be published in the conference booklet.


*If you want to present in a sign language, please hand in your abstract in the written majority language of the country and select the sign language as language of the talk. If the written language is in the list above, you do not need to send us a translation. You may, however, choose to hand in your signed abstract as a video by email. We will make it available on our website and add the link to the conference booklet.